Psychedelic Integration & Preparation Coaching

Psychedelic Medicine Guidance

I’ve come to learn that I, and all of us, are actually already whole and already healed. This business of being human, especially in this particular time in history, creates challenges that take us away from that truth.

Let me guide your journey toward wholeness and health – whether you’re simply curious and want to explore your psychedelic options, or if you are ready for a deep dive into what’s possible for you in this lifetime – reach out, let’s talk.

  • You see the life you want to be living but it seems always to hover just out of reach.
  • You can imagine the life of your “future self”, and perhaps you live that life from time to time. But then you fall back again to a place that feels stuck.
  • How can you get from where you are now to where you know you belong?

Real Shifts in our day-to-day experience of ourselves require something not offered by Western medicine  – something much, deeper, much  more profound. They require an actual disruption in the ways we think, feel and behave.

  • Are you ready for the life you’ve been envisioning to begin?
  • Are you ready for a shift?
  • Are you ready for the disruption that catalyzes your own positive transformation?

Reach out, let’s talk …